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North Germany; New York City, NY; Hoboken, NJ and Phone/Skype


What is "Individual Healing Approaches?"

In a safe, caring and nurturing space I offer unique individualized sessions specified to your needs. Hypnosis, Childhood and Womb Regression, Past Life and Life between Lives Regression, Trauma Healing, Family Constellations, Voice- and- Breath work, Reiki and other forms of Energy work are various ways to your assist you in your life's journey. Sessions can be done in person or via Skype/ What's App/Phone.

Mission Statement

I consider your Entire Being: Body, Mind, Emotions, and especially Soul and Spirit. My passion is to help you heal and become whole. And to connect you to who you truly are, the spiritual being who has the human experience. There is only one YOU and my intention is to help you live and express yourself to the fullest.


Hypnosis is a very effective tool we can use to release blocks in the mind that keep us from achieving happiness, success, and health. It is a relaxed, comfortable state of mind where we are able to work with the subconscious mind, which is our emotional center. Hypnosis is not sleep; rather the focus is dramatically heightened to a so-called &quotsuper awareness." There is no loss of consciousness, the conscious mind becomes the observer of the work done by the subconscious. Please know, that there is absolutely NO surrender of the will or loss of control. Hypnosis is merely a deep relaxation, which is always experienced as very comfortable.

Childhood and Womb Regression and Inner Child Work:

Write up for Childhood and Womb Regression and Inner Child Work: Since all memories from and even before birth are stored in each and every cell in your body and well as in your subconscious mind and soul, regressions are extremely effective. We can detect trauma which influences your life today and go back to sensitizing events to help you understand and clear and heal these events or situations. You will be able to have a new and different perspective. The healing is often very deep and rapid. We are uncovering survival strategies which you developed in early age and which were carried over to your adult life. As adults we experience these strategies as obstacles and difficulties. With inner child work we can change these beliefs and automatic re-actions and help you to choose responses that are healthy and conscious.

Past Life Regression and Life between Lives Regression:
Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I come from? Where am I going?

In Past Life Regression you will experience a journey back to a previous lifetime. You will be gently guided on a journey back in time to find and free yourself from old patterns and remnants of the past that may be hindering you today. Learn about reincarnation, karma and spirit. There is far more to life than what meets the eye. Until I had my own Past Lives and Life between Lives Regressions, my knowledge of who I am, why I am here and where do I come from and where I am going was largely theoretical.

What is my life's purpose? Am I on the right track? Can I meet my Guides or Loved Ones in Spirit?

Life Between Lives Regression is both an extension and evolution beyond Past Life Regression. This is because the techniques of LBL therapy allow access to our soul memories in a higher state of consciousness we call the superconscious mind. The key for the application and success of LBL therapy is the length of the session (which typically lasts 3 - 4 hours) and the depth of the trance state (which must exceed that of a normal hypnosis regression). This LBL procedure, also called Spiritual Regression, permits you to connect with your Soul-Self. Thus, you are able to bridge your physical incarnations and connect with a more permanent immortal life in the spirit world.

In Past Life Regression and Life between Lives Regression, you can
  • Find out that you chose your current life and why you did
  • Understand the lessons you need to learn Learn new approaches to longstanding issues
  • Avoid repetitions of behavior and mistakes
  • Develop new skills for your relationships
  • Become more whole, healthy, optimistic and happy
Family Constellations:

The Systemic Family Constellation work of Bert Hellinger allows us to look at how events that occurred in the past generations impact our life experience in the present. We access information from the parts of our family system that lies outside of conscious awareness. According to this groundbreaking family systems therapy, each one of us lives within an invisible force field. Hidden family dynamics may create an imbalance or disharmony in your family "field", which may lead to illness, emotional difficulties, trauma or relationship issues. In individual or group Constellations you can learn about the fact, how your family traits are still present in your everyday life and how we recreate our family dynamics in our work and our personal lives. You can find healing, inner peace and reconciliation with this incredible approach.

Hypnotize Your Butterflies:

These sessions are an effective performance improvement course for actors, singers, presenters, public speakers, seminar leaders and others. It may be at a conference, in a corporate setting, at auditions or political events, during an athletic competition, a theatrical or musical performance, at clubs and parties, before a new date or even in a private job interview…many people can be overcome by fear and anxiety. With my backround as a former actress and singer, as well as the various ways I mentioned above,I will share powerful techniques with you how to conquer panic, apprehension and reluctance. Win the mind game by hypnotizing your butterflies and by building your self confidence through this specifically designed method! I also offer workshops for this process.

Voice-and-Breath Work and Energy Healing:

As a voice-and-breath practitioner I am facilitating breath integration sessions, which can be a profound experience in healing the Body, Mind and Spirit and connecting you more deeply to the truth and peace within. Truth be told, most of us have forgotten how to breathe correctly. Proper breathing not only helps alleviate psychological problems, but it also helps soothe physical ones like insomnia, asthma, PMS and others. I am guiding you in "remembering" how to breathe fully. With breathing exercises, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and other forms of energy work I support you in letting go of that what no longer serves you. I am inviting you to a deeper connection to yourself and to healing yourself on many levels.

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