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“Thank you for your guidance in helping me sort out some of the personal issues that I have been struggling with over the past several months/year. I do have a much clearer picture and focus.”
Peter N., Athens, Greece

“I gained more out of my workshop with you than in years of expensive therapy.”
Holger F., Kiel, Germany

“Sophia, it is amazing with your work: it takes me to places I never knew existed let alone expected!”
Joseph P., Paramus, NJ

“Today was such an extraordinary gift…a new world opened up for me, …I had no idea …meeting you, doing this work, you, wow!!! I thank you with my whole heart…for who you are and how elegantly you do what you do.”
Hedda S., NYC

Dear Sophia, for one who considers myself critical with reality and facts this was unreal, and yet very real at the same time. Our meetings were true life changing events for me. I feel different, behave different, I gained self confidence that I never thought I would feel, and I am much, much happier. I want to thank you for being there for me and with me in that fascinating soul journey. For being attentive and helpful and caring all the way in the ups and downs. Please continue to do this miraculous work you do, to help others as much as you have helped me. With best wishes,
Sharon G., Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Sophia, I listened to my recording. It was so insightful. You have an amazing way of clarifying information in such a constructive and caring way. I am so grateful to God for you Sophia! You have helped me to remember who I am. It's a big learning curve, but I'm getting there with your guidance!
Jacqueline A., Chicago, Illinois

Thank you so very much for the energy it takes to navigate a stranger through uncharted waters. Today I went from hyper vigilance to trance, I am amazed! Keep shining!
William P., Detroit, Michigan

I passed my exam! I am a lawyer now!! Thank you, thank you!
Tom P., Montclair, N.J.

My audition was great! I have a callback on Tuesday.
Evelyn T., NYC

I am so grateful I found you! Your caring and loving way helped me to calm down and to learn so many things I never knew I was carrying around with me. And we had fun! It is great to laugh with you! Dearest Sophia, thank you so much for your big help! I have so much peace and clarity. Only the best of the Universe to you!
Eva O., Vienna, Austria
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