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North Germany; New York City, NY; Hoboken, NJ and Phone/Skype

Sophia Kramer MHt, DH, RN
( North Germany, NYC, NY, Hoboken, NJ )

Sophia is an award winning certified Master Hypnotherapist, Family Constellations Facilitator and International Instructor. She specializes in Regression therapy, especially Childhood, Past Life and Life Between Lives Regression. Sophia is a facilitator of ‘Family Constellations’ - a Systemic Family Therapy. She is a former Nurse, Voice-and Breath Practitioner, Reiki Master, ordained minister and Energy worker. She is a teacher of Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression as well as Life between Lives Regression for TNI, “The Newton Institute”. Sophia is contributing author of ‘Memories of the Afterlife’, Dr. Michael Newton’s 4th book. She is the originator of ‘Hypnotize your butterflies’.

Sophia grew up in Germany and South Africa. After her training in the medical field her life path continued as a professional in the performing arts. She performed in Germany and New York City in Opera, Operetta, Musical Theater, Cabaret and more. Sophia continued on to earn several degrees in holistic health in both, the United States and Europe. She is certified through NGH, IACT, Hellinger Institute USA and TNI. Sophia earned her Master in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the Holistic Healing Center in NYC. She holds a doctorate in hypnotherapy.

Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss and with Dr. Michael Newton and TNI, “The Michael Newton Institute”, she is a certified Past Life Regression Therapist and ‘Life between Lives’ Therapist and Teacher. Since 2006, when Sophia was trained with Dr. Michael Newton in the ‘Life between Lives’ Regression Therapy, she became a training assistant for his work and went on to be an instructor for his TNI Institute. She also is an Instructor for IACT, the “International Association for Counselors and Therapists”. With her husband Paul Aurand she teaches hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression trainings internationally.

Sophia's work lead her to discover the Family Constellation approach of Bert Hellinger in 1995. She was educated by him and the leading teachers in this field ( i.e. Harald Hohnen, Gunthard Weber, Hunter Beaumont ) and subsequently graduated from the first NYC training of the "Bert Hellinger Institute" in the USA. Sophia continued her education with additional trainings and supervision and then co-taught in New York City trainings. She was a translator for the Hellinger work.
Her main field of activities are: Childhood-, womb-, and Past Life Regression, as well as Life between Lives Regression. Trauma and Reconciliation working with Families, Children and Adolescents. Public speaking and Stage presence. Soul awakening and Spiritual guidance. Sophia created "Hypnotize Your Butterflies," an effective performance improvement course for actors, singers, seminar leaders, public speakers and presenters.

Sophia conducts one on one sessions in person and depending on the modality also via phone and Skype/What’s App.

Sophia’s goal is to assist you in your journey of healing and self realization. Her true passion is to connect you to your Soul, to help you understand who you truly are and what you came here to do and fulfill. Assisting you to understand your very own path and your True Self is her aspiration..
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